PROFILE Clinical Team

All members of the clinical team are happy to be contacted at any time about clinical queries for the PROFILE trial.

Dr Miles Parkes

Miles is a Consultant Gastroenterologist and Chief Investigator for the PROFILE trial. He has a particular clinical interest in the management of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. He has previously chaired the UK and International IBD genetics research consortia and the British Society of Gastroenterology IBD Clinical Research Group.

Dr James Lee

James is an Honorary Consultant Gastroenterologist with a clinical interest in IBD and a background in genetics, genomics and immunology. He currently holds a Wellcome Trust Intermediate Clinical Fellowship.

Dr Nuru Noor

Nuru is an Academic Gastroenterology Registrar and Clinical Research Fellow for the PROFILE trial. He has previous experience through clinical academic track posts undertaking translational research projects on epidemiology, genetics and immunology of digestive diseases.

Mrs Biljana Brezina

Senior Clinical Research Nurse

PROFILE Trial Coordination Team

If you would like any further information regarding the PROFILE trial please feel free to contact one of the PROFILE trial coordinators below.

Agnieszka Osmanska

Clinical Trial Coordinator

Leisha O'Brien

Clinical Trial Coordinator

Karlena Champion

Data Manager

Francis Dowling

Senior Clinical Trial Coordinator

PROFILE Trial Office

Cambridge Clinical Trials Unit
Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust,
Addenbrooke's Hospital
Coton House Level 6, Flat 61, Box 401,
Hills Road,

Reception: 01223 245 151

Page last updated: 20th March 2019