Investigator downloads

Click arrows below to expand and reveal tables containing downloadable documents relating to the trial. Current documents will be uploaded onto the website as and when they are updated.


PROFILE ProtocolV5.020/10/2020Here
PROFILE ProtocolV4.212/06/2020Here
PROFILE ProtocolV4.212/06/2020Here
PROFILE ProtocolV4.109/04/2020Here
PROFILE ProtocolV4.029/11/2018Here
PROFILE ProtocolV3.030/04/2018Here

Guides and Manuals

File nameVer.DateDL
Trial ManualV2.010/07/2020Here
MRE ManualV1.027/11/2017Here
Colonoscopy ManualV2.013/02/2018Here
Endoscopy Video Recording GuidanceV3.013/06/2018Here
SES CD Scoring PosterV1.001/12/2017Here
CRF Completion GuideV2.009/07/2020Here
SAE Reporting RequirementsV2.018/02/2018Here
AEs of InterestV1.009/02/2018Here
Laboratory ManualV3.004/04/2019Here
Randomisation ManualV1.005/12/2017Here
Pharmacy ManualV4.116/11/2020Here


File nameVer.DateDL
PROFILE Investigator Meeting 2018 ProgrammeV1.002/02/2018Here


File nameVer.DateDL
Pharmacy SlidesV2.110/05/2018Here

Top Tips for Recruitment

File nameVer.DateDL
Clinician's Guide for Recruiting to PROFILEV1.026/02/2018Here

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